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Children of Hope Uganda provides educational support and vocational training to over 600 children and youth affected by Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army in Northern Uganda.COHU also provides Income Generating Activities and microfinance support to women who are caregivers for the beneficiary children to enable them to pay the children’s school fees. 

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The Ugandan Team Runs:

  • Barlonyo Technical and Vocational Institute
    • carpentry, bricklaying, tailoring and agriculture courses for 280 students
  • Barlonyo Early Childhood Development Centre
    • nursery school for 320 students, ages 2 to 7
  • Income Generating Activities (IGA’s)
    • 8 Lira IGA’s – pigs, chickens, goats, orange trees, bee keeping, sewing, paper bead jewelry making, oxen ploughing, soap making
    • 10 Barlonyo school IGA’s – piggery, poultry, goats, tilapia fish farming, pineapple farming, truck rental, maize grinding mill, tailoring sales, carpentry sales, school bakery sales
  • School support
    • Scholastic materials for 163 students attending schools in Lira
    • School fees for 46 students in Lira (This # will include the 18 Aboke children)
  • University sponsorships
  • Community Library
    • For Lira students and community members
  • Women’s Microfinance Groups
  • Farmer’s Savings and Lending Cooperatives
    • 95% women farmers receiving seeds and plows for planting
  • NEW! Barlonyo Water and Sanitation Project
    • Community water taps, improved latrines and biogas extraction system for cooking
    • Funded by Rotary International and Rotary Clubs in Canada, USA and Uganda Watch the video here.

The Canadian Team:

  • Fundraises in support of the Ugandan projects
  • Monitors regular Accountability Reports from the Ugandan Team
  • Sells beautiful Ugandan products to raise funds as a social enterprise for project sustainability
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